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EU Application Support

Applying for European-project funds requires good knowledge about the application documents and overall approach. The application itself is very time consuming, and for those with less experience in the process, challenging. This is where `Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress` comes in: our aim is to support civil society organisations during the application process to effectively use human resources and to guarantee maximum output.

  • We are organising training seminars on proposal writing (full application), a logical framework approach and budgetary set up. Based on our needs assessment, further trainings on the following topics will be carried out:
  • Project preparation – two-day training session
  • Project implementation and internal monitoring – two-day training session
  • Advanced budgeting – one-day training session
  • Visibility and communication – one day seminar
  • Networking and partnership – one day seminar
  • Re-granting - one day seminar

Training materials and presentations are free for download in our library. In spring 2015 we will also offer an e-learning tool on EU application support, free to access for any interested organisation.

If you wish to participate in the next training or any other activity related to EU application support, please send your request via the `inquiry button`. You will then be informed about any upcoming event.

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