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Stakeholder Meetings

One of the main challenges  for CSOs in the Eastern Partnership countries remains their weak interaction with government on policy issues. Even though the situation differs from country to country, there are only a few mechanisms in place to ensure a regular and structured communication and cooperation of CSOs with government and national or local authorities. Multi stakeholder meetings, coordinated with the respective EU Delegations, aim to address this situation and to achieve an increased contribution of CSOs to selected policy dialogues between the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries. The outcomes of the meetings thus foster ownership as well as an enlarged and strengthened role of CSOs in the implementation of relevant bilateral and regional projects and programmes.

Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress is supporting this process by identifying areas for policy dialogues of civil society organisations with their respective governments. In addition, through the organisation of consultations we also support different EU Delegations in the elaboration of the EU Country Roadmaps on engagement with civil society.

Please refer to the country section to learn more about the involvement of CSOs in policy dialogues in each specific country. Further information about publications resulting from multi-stakeholder meetings can be downloaded in the Reseatch section under Policy Papers. 

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