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Georgia Mapping & Research

`Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress` is carrying out research activities related to the general framework conditions civil society organisations face in Georgia. During 2013- 2014 research activities focused on assessing the environment in which CSOs function and operate in Georgia.


Georgia: "Mapping Civil Society Organisations"

The study "Mapping Civil Society Organisations" engagement in policy dialogue in Georgia” examines the environment in which CSOs function and operate, and evaluates the capacities and needs of CSOs with regard to influencing policy formulation and monitoring implementation of policies in Georgia.

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Georgia Mapping (Georgian version)

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Georgia Mapping Presentation

Download the data presentation of the Mapping Study of Engagement in Policy in Georgia here.

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Mapping Georgia (Annexes)

Download the annexes of the Mapping Study of Engagement in Policy in Georgia here.

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Summary Conclusions

A participative process of consultations, focus groups and interviews were held with a wide range of stakeholders from the government, civil society, media and business sectors in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia, aimed at addressing the following issues:

  • Enabling the environment for CSO activities in Georgia;
  • CSO relations with various actors;
  • Capacities and needs of CSOs to engage in policy dialogue.

The study concludes that the legal environment governing the registration and operations of CSOs in Georgia remained generally favourable for years. The political and institutional framework in Georgia is in general supportive of an enhanced role for CSOs in public policy dialogue. Over the past five years, CSOs have become more powerful and capable of influencing policy processes; many local and international observers maintain that the peaceful transition of power following the 2012 parliamentary elections was due to the active and constructive role played by CSOs.

The study was conducted by independent experts. The empirical research was carried by the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis (ISSA) from February to May 2014. 

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