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Armenia: EU roadmap for engagement with civil society

Currently more than 4000 registered CSOs in Armenia, however reportedly many of them do not remain  active.

Aside  from  officially  registered  entities,  Armenia  does  still  have  many  traditional citizen  associations formed  on  an ad  hoc basis  for  practical  activities,  such  as  the  renovation  of common  spaces  in  highrise buildings  or  the  creation  of  mutual  support  funds  in  local  communities. Associations  of  this  kind  exist throughout  the  country;  they  are  not  institutional,  and  the  actors  are  not  aware  that  they  are  engaging  in civil society activities. 
It is widely agreed among the various stakeholders that the availability of financial support for non-governmental organizations along with the democratic reform process has shaped the civil society  in  Armenia.  The  funding  provided  primarily  by  international  donors,  Diaspora  foundations,  and later on also by the government (despite in a very selective way), boosted the number of registered  CSOs and foundations.



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