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Ukraine: CSO engagement in policy formulation and policy monitoring

The mapping study aims to assess the environment in which CSOs function and operate in Ukraine, and evaluate their capacities and needs with regard to influencing public policy-making and monitoring the implementation of policies.

Preparing this report involved analytical desk research; sociological surveys (408 interviews with CSO representatives (face-to-face) and 32 focus group discussions (for a total of 255 participants). The field stage of the sociological survey was carried out in all regions of Ukraine, AR Crimea and Kyiv from the 1st to the 28th of February 2014. The analytical desk research lasted from February to mid-April 2014.

The research timeframe coincided with an unprecedented burst of civic activism and socio-political transformations in the modern history of Ukraine, events referred to as “Euromaidan”. Anticipating the fundamental changes that will occur in the near future in the social and political life of the country in general and among civil society in particular, and  their character, content and specific form was not analysed within this Report. Rather, it focuses on the conditions for conducting CSO activity and their interactions with State authorities in Ukraine on the eve of Euromaidan. 

The research generally concludes that during the 20 years Ukraine’s independence, the dialogue between policy-makers and stakeholders regarding the preparation of public policy decisions has not followed the normal practice of cooperation between State and society. Moreover, neither CSO representatives nor policy-makers paid enough attention to this issue.

Ukraine Mapping Study: "CSO engagement in policy formulation and monitoring of policy implementation"

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