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From Trainee to Trainer - ToT Success Story (Georgia)

"As I reflect on the ToT Programme, I realize how much I have learned not only from the trainers but also from the fellow participants, as we worked a lot together during 4 intensive weeks," - Ketevan Sulava

Ketevan Sulava is a Programme Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia from the organisation Aflatoun International (the Netherlands). Ketevan is based in Amsterdam but works closely with a network of NGOs in Central Asia and Eastern Partnership countries including Georgia.

Aflatoun International is an international organisation that provides social and financial education to 4 million children and youth in 116 countries through its network of partner organisations. Partners include NGOs, INGOs, UNICEF, Ministries of Education, and other stakeholders. The organisation offers education programmes that combine social participation and financial planning. Children and young people are able to work in groups and plan their own activities. They get the opportunity to handle resources and carry out work that benefits their community. 

Having successfully completed the Training of Trainers (ToT) Programme, Ketevan wanted to design a training project that would be tailored to the needs of the CSOs in Georgia. As she works a lot with the NGO sector in Georgia and constantly receives feedback from them on their organizational needs, Ketevan was aware of what trainings Georgian CSOs would mostly benefit from. Therefore, she  decided to focus on the topic of advocacy for policy change specifically in the educational sector. Read full story here

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