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Multi-stakeholder dialogue in Georgia

Civil Society.Dialogue for Progress is supporting the contribution of CSOs to selected policy dialogues between the EU and the Eastern Partnership, in this case in Georgia. The outcomes of the meetings foster ownership as well as an enlarged and strengthened role of CSOs in the implementation of relevant bilateral and regional projects and programmes.

Series of multi-stakeholder round tables on energy security

A series of seminars on the topics related to energy policies in Georgia are being organised by the World Experience for Georgia (WEG) and Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development of Ilia State University in Tbilisi under multi-stakeholder component of EU-funded Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress. Produced by the project: Statement On the Process of Georgia's Energy Community Membership Accession

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Campaign on pedestrian safety

An advocacy campaign on raising awareness of the issue of pedestrian safety conducted by Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads (GASP); Publication produced by the project available for download below:

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Eco-transport project on mandatory technical inspection of vehicles

A project aiming at facilitating a multi-stakeholder dialogue about the restoration of the mandatory technical inspection of vehicles in Georgia implemented by Eco-transport.

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