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Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

An excellent way to be active in policy dialogue and to partner with other civil society organisations from the region is the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum ( The EaP CSF is a regional platform aimed at promoting European integration, facilitating reforms and democratic transformations in the six Eastern Partnership countries - Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. As its mission is to strengthen civil society in the region and to foster cooperation and the exchange of experiences both between organisations in the EaP countries as well as in the EU, the CSF promotes contacts among civil society and facilitates dialogue between civil society and public authorities. 

As part of its mission, the CSF organises an annual General Assembly as well as four steering committee meetings per year. Furthermore, five working groups have been established on the topics of democracy, economic integration, environment, contacts between people and social dialogue. 

The General Assembly is a leading civil society event in the EaP region providing extensive opportunities for networking and exchange of best practices among civil society actors. It serves furthermore as a platform for debates on the achievements of the EaP and the role civil society can play to further contribute to the success of the partnership. 

The Working Groups meet once a year in Brussels to discuss the common goals and activities that have been put forward through the respective working group structures in the EaP countries. Representatives of the WGs implement their own projects, regularly take part in EaP expert panels and multilateral platform meetings, where they provide expertise and gain valuable insight and contribute to achieving the main goals of the Forum. Networking and communication and joint projects continue throughout the year within national and regional setting between the members of the Working Group.

Membership to the Civil Society Forum is open to all civil society organisations within the Eastern Partnership countries and EU member states. Further information on how to participate can be found here ( 

National Platforms

As part of the Civil Society Forum process and in order to ensure active involvement of civil society in the reform mechanisms in each Eastern Partnership (EaP) country, national platforms (NP) were created. They have been functioning in all six EaP countries since 2011. National Platforms are an important tool, as they are stakeholders in the policy dialogue within their respective countries. They are thus one of the main vehicles in order to become active in an organised and structured way on the national level. Membership in National Platforms is open to all eligible civil society organisations. Within each National Platform, so-called Working Groups are organised to reflect the Working Group structure of the Civil Society Forum and thus to better follow and influence developments within each Working Group at the national level. 

The National Platforms hold regular meetings and annual conferences, during which the role of the Platform and its activities are analysed and planned. The linkage between the Civil Society Forum’s Steering Committee and the National Platforms is provided by Country Facilitators, who are elected to this function for a period of one year by the delegation of the respective country at the annual CSF. The main tasks of the Country Facilitators are to coordinate the activities of the members of the country delegation within the framework of the CSF and to represent them in the Steering Committee. 

Get active in reform processes and join the National Platforms at: 



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